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Ideal City A city cannot be planed. The design of a city is an adventure caused by its spontaneous genesis made possible by the cooperation of computers and brains. There is more than one ideal city. Probably there are as many ideal cities as human minds.  (Makoto Sei Watanabe)

Kroc-gu-fant by Sara Ball is a children’s flip-book book that allows one to forge utterly strange creatures out of limbs of existing animals; a crocodile head attached to a jaguar’s body and elephant feet virtually constitute a new species.

Ideal City expands this concept to urban features.  It creates a framework of discrete public spaces in one image. The Project displays constructions, environments and features located in cities worldwide classified into three categories that are essential for modern living: commerce, traffic, recreation. Using a computer interface the user creates his favourite city by combining public spaces of his choice. Brandenburg Gate might border the beach of Tel Aviv. Kikka Hamedina, Tel Aviv’s popular shopping plaza, could neighbour Berlin’s Olympic Stadium. The application enables one to build the favourite place to live.




Ideal City joins global cities in one locality. The process of creating an amalgam of unacquainted environments fades the peculiarity of any given specific location and focuses its social and historical values.  When set in an unforeseen relation to each other stigmata of the traditional context vanish as new relationships unexpectedly coalesce.

Ideal City is an ongoing modular project. Two cities initiate the project: Berlin and Tel Aviv. Further cities will be enclosed in future project exhibitions. Throughout the exhibition, noteworthy places of the hosting town are incorporated and added to the framework, the number of documented places will increase continuously.

 Ideal City_Venice


2004 Architectre Biennale in Venice / Israeli Pavilion, Italy / curated by
Ganit Mayslits Kassif and Ehud Kassif
2004 Presentation at the ifa gallery in Berlin / Germany
2003 Art Biennale in Tirana / Albania / curated by Stephanie Benzaquen