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Cowboy or the dream of my father As Children we grew up with the slides my father took in 1963 in the US and in Mexico. The star fighter program of Mr. Josef Strauss and an almost unbearable poorness plus the fantasy of the Karl May books were bringing him there. From the slides and the stories, which we saw and heard quiet often, we could understand that he was living his dream. First being in a hot place with sun, doing horse riding into the desert and going on several trips like to the Gran Canyon and Mexico. Somehow my father returned in 1964 to Germany and met my mother. The adventure stopped, more or less. At least he took the chance to continue his cowboy fantasy with us by constructing all kind of things, like a cowboy western wagon which we used in combination with our bikes as horses and organized street trips. As well we made a huge open fire every Saturday and many more adventures things.

The Cowboy story shows my father in the 1960ies in the States and Mexico, than when he turned 70.The last foto shows him in his wheel chair which he needs to use since he got hit by a stroke in 2006.