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Exchange letters of my father / from 1972 till 1986 Because of some tragic reason I dropped by accident into the exchange letters of my father. My father got a stroke 2,5 weeks ago; both of his legs are paralyzed, one of the most seldom cases.

As he worked of course until the last second (he is now 72 years old) is the rest of the family in charge to take down his buisness and to bring in order many other topics.

My father is a very chaotic collector of all kind of things, which brings my mother closed to madness. I spent one week at their place in the Allgäu in order to help with getting clearness into the chaos.

The exchange letters came across by going through all the folders of my father. For me the letters are a very important piece in order to get a more clear picture about my personal puzzle. (Birgit Glatzel, 13.Dezember 2006)


2006/2007: „Beasts of Burden” at the gallery General Public in Berlin / Germany / curated by Michael Schultze

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