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South Side Beats_ TEL AVIV The Clubbing Scene of Tel Aviv is fairly new baby. In this humid, filthy, and noisy city on the Mediterranean, club culture only arose in the early 90s, when the peace treaty stated that people would soon be living normal lives. Meanwhile, the Clubs of Israel have become places where this normal life is a manifestation of conflict, longing, passion, and rushes. Today, smaller clubs in the souths of Tel Aviv pursuer less commercial interests and are anchored in every day city life. Here one finds people doing their own thing, living and partying, spending their evenings together an getting on. In May and June 2004, Birgit Glatzel returned to Israel to photograph her Dj friends and some of their friends, to tell one of many Tel Aviv stories. For two months she lived a life with six young Israelis, capturing the intensity and drive which they brought into her lives.





2004 portofolio for Leica Fotografie International LFI / issue lfi-8/2004
  photos: birgit glatzel / text: mirjam wenzel


An e-book is in planning

Project: documentary 2004; black and white photographs; analog

Follow up: documentary since 2012; black and white photographs; analog plus coloured photographs and video; digital