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a friend is a friend of a friend In the last couple of years acquaintances and networks have been discussed in the media excessively. These local connections seemed charming and were the save havens as anti-poles to the impending threats of globalisation. Birgit Glatzel looks beyond this scenario produced. In June 1998 she started her foray that led her from Berlin around the globe to friends, their friends and friends of their friends. This succession ended in Warsaw in June 2002. The artistic method is nearly classical: all portraits are handheld shots made with a vintage Rolleiflex 6 x 6 camera, model 1937. She spends a day with the friends she meets and takes photographs of them in their everyday surroundings, preferably their apartments. In Birgit Glatzel’s project lines of friends are documented based on reference: „My friends are your friends!“. Each person knows their friend but never the complete line. 340 persons, from 36 cities and 19 countries are part of the net and have been preserved on film.



by Birgit Glatzel
programming Hennink Stöve and Ariel Almos
graphics Tine Gundelach from studiograu


2014 Galerie Pinter & Milch in Berlin / Germany / curated by Anja Pinter Rawe und Dr. Patricia Milch 
2005 Fortunestreet in London / England / curated by Richard Village
2003/ 04 The Israeli Centre for Digital Art / Digital ArtLab / Israel / curated by Galit Eilat
2002  Aroma Gallery in Berlin / Germany / curated by Oliver Baurhenn

publications and press:

2014 book release „A friend is a friend of a friend“ in Berlin / Germany edition: 300
2004 presentation at the ifa gallery in Berlin / Germany
2004 french magazine REDUX Paris / France
2001 42°, Israeli Magazine in Tel Aviv / Israel
2001 Daily newspaper from Reykjavik / Iceland