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Ismail kick boxer 2006 Getting inspired by my previous project, sports sound, I continued with the idea of taking care on sports. During a party Ismail crossed my way, introduced through a friend. He was in his full preparation for his fight, which was the fight for the title of the world champion chip in heavy weight for kick boxing in Vienna. Ismail liked the idea of documenting in black and white his preparation for the fight including the final fight in Vienna. I started to come to his training studio in Neukölln in Berlin. I entered a complete new world of concentration, strengths discipline and hope. At the same time I needed to get prepared in order to follow with my analogue cameras the fight and the speed of the movements. On top of it I was very nervous about the fact of the possibility of shooting blood and heavy injury. At the same time I knew that the eye through the camera will help me. During the fight I could feel that Ismail will not win. I started to take down the camera and shouted for him.



Project: documentary 2006; black and white fotographs; analog