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Black Sheep_Berlin  In 2005 I heard from Oliver Rihs independent film project “black sheep”. I wanted to participate asset fotographer and we decided to take care of this topic in a very different way: ” … using a Leica MP Birgit Glatzel took photographs that were more than just mirror images of the film’s scenes and camera angles. Both, stylistically and formally they go their own way. The viewer is consciously kept in the dark as to whether he is in the world of the reportage, the art, the portraits or the film. The borders were meant to be blurred but also to be discovered. Between cameraman and director, actors and set people, Birgit Glatzel went on a perceptive search for the energy sources in front of and behind the camera and so bestowed her pictures with life. Her images move constantly between fiction and documentation: where is the stage – where the reality behind it? Where is the life – where the art? Birgit Glatzel’s experimental film set photography delivers unexpected insights. And so, despite its artistic independence – or perhaps just because of it – it achieves the actual sense and purpose of set photography: to whet one’s appetite for more.”… 



2006 portofolio for Leica Fotografie International LFI / issue lfi-4/2006
  photos: birgit glatzel / text: Oliver Rihs
Project: documentary 2005; black and white photographs; analog