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You and Me is an ongoing project, where I photograph myself together with a closed friend.

It is up to the friend to decide where our foto will be taken. The setting is kept very easy. I come with a tripod, a manual remote – control release and my camera, the Rolleiflex, a middle format camera.

Instead of being as usual behind the camera I put myself together with the friend in front of the camera.

I started the project in summer 2007 in Berlin, right before I decided to move to Tel Aviv, with the idea to take a very special memory of my best friends with me. Meanwhile I moved back to Berlin. I did the same shootings in Tel Aviv and so on.


Project: ongoing since 2007; black and white photographs; analog



2016 – 2017 part of the „Kunstautomaten“ at the Jewish Museum in Berlin / Germany curated by Gelia Eisert