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sports sounds 2005 People see me as a “tom boy”, no wonder, I grew up in a “man’s world”, like I have three brothers and five male cousins. I was supposed to be the princess of the family, but I got treated the opposite, already my hair was always short and I wanted to get dressed like my brothers and play with them soccer, or help my dad to cut a tree and make big Saturday fires.

My mum tried to educate me as the perfect housewife and join even one of these schools, like she did. I hated this idea from the first beginning and at home I was supposed to wash the dishes while my brothers could help my dad. This did not look right to me, so I fought for equal rights for everybody. My older brother came then up with a “work list” and it functioned quite well….

Later on I studied Architecture and had my first single art exhibition at the age of 20. Till now I keep on dealing with “ both lives” and some others.

My latest project “sport sounds” gets back to my childhood issue with soccer and the “classical” man sports. The power of these games and the atmosphere in stadiums are attractive to me in a new way. I‘m interested in this very special atmosphere, of “burning pot” and I want to keep it in one picture in combination with sound, somehow minimalized to the basics of human senses.

For the first time I will work together with the Israeli musician and sound artist Ido Goverin.

Birgit Glatzel / sound: Idor Goverin



2005 woman festival at the theatre Holon / Israel curated by Sigal Weissbein